Sahara Window and Doors – Chicago’s Best Egress Windows

Sahara Window and Doors – Chicago’s Best Egress Windows

European style windows have been gaining in popularity in the United States over the past few years. Many cities and towns now require Egress Windows in the basement egress windows and bedrooms above the first floor, which is a significant factor in the increased usage of Egress Window.

Unlike traditional windows, the Egress Windows swing in instead of lifting them up. If you need to use the window as an emergency exit, the window swinging in is a good option. In most cases, Egress Windows need six feet of clearance for the window to function, but our Egress Windows come in multiples sizes and styles.

Egress Windows as Emergency Exits

In case of a fire, Egress Windows are required for the basement and bedrooms. Emergency crews and their equipment need to be able to enter and exit the window. The size requirements for Egress Windows are listed.

Minimum Width: 20 inches

Minimum Height: 24 inches

Minimum Net Clearance for Openings: 5.7 square feet

Maximum Sill Height From Floor: 44 inches

If there is an emergency, the size requirements allow enough space for individuals to enter and exit the window. If you want to change the look of your home, you need to make sure the windows follow the code and are Egress Windows.

Further Egress Window Requirements

In addition to specific size requirements, most areas have other conditions that need to be followed. You need to be able to open all of the Egress Windows in the home with no tools or keys.

To install Egress Windows in a basement, you need to make sure the window well has enough room to move in and that there is a ladder in the window well. If the Egress Window is located under a deck, make sure you have enough room to get out.

Chicagoland’s Best Egress Windows

Sahara Window and Doors has many years of experience working with homeowners and developers to make sure they use Egress Windows that are in line with all building codes. Our sales team is happy to discuss the options with you if you have any questions. Existing window openings can be changed to meet requirements.

Chicagoland’s Largest Selection of Egress Windows

When it comes to style, finishes, and options, Sahara Window and Doors carries more manufacturers brands of windows than the competition, which means that you, the customer, have the most choices possible. Triple pane Egress Window options are important for energy efficiency.

Chicago’s Top Egress Window Installers

The highest rated window company in Chicago is Sahara Window and Doors. Sahara Window and Doors has become Chicago’s best Egress Window installation company by offering top-of-the-line window manufacturers and excellent work.

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