Top 5 Men’s Athleisure Brands

Top 5 Men’s Athleisure Brands

Most of us have come to appreciate living and working in hoodies, sweatpants, and leggings. These top clothing brands highlight garments with style and comfort in mind for versatile use that makes them perfect for lounging about the house, outdoor workouts, and grocery store shopping. If you want clothes that you can wear for almost any situation, then you can’t go wrong with athleisure tops.

You can check out some of the best clothing brands for more options.

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Todd Snyder

You can have both style and comfort. Todd Snyder is a high-end brand. It’s collaboration with Champion is the definition of anaphylactic. You get a collection of clothing and sportswear in one place. You can use these pieces for almost anything you want. This brand has got your back whether you are working from home, working out or taking a stroll.

All in Motion

Target is dangerous It is difficult to leave Target with only the items you intended to buy. All in Motion is their in-house brand of athletic wear. The line of athletic wear is comparable to high-end brands at a fraction of their prices. Thanks to Target’s huge market share and financial resources, they’re able to keep prices low. No one will know the difference between All in Motion and a high-end brand.


Champion has been around for over a century and is one of the best workout brands because it makes timeless sweats in plush fabrics that are very affordable, and it has been a go-to maker of some of the best college paraphernalia. You will look great years after you impulsively purchase sweatpants.


Chubbies started making shorts years ago. The brand has expanded to include swimwear, a full range of shirts, pants, outerwear, and occasional quirky experiments like men’s rompers. The brand is all about having fun and being comfortable. Their innovation of replacing traditional mesh lining with compression shorts is a game-changer.

Daniel Patrick

Think of Daniel Patrick as wealthy. The LA brand was launched in 2012 by an Australian rugby player who is now a designer. It has become a go-to label for some guys.


It was already making a name for itself in the sportswear scene. The brand provides high-quality yoga pants and athletic wear that you can wear on a daily basis. Although they are known first for their women’s wear, their men’s wear is packed with essentials that are comfortable and sleek. Wherever you are, every garment is perfect.


You might have heard of GORP Core recently. The term trail snack has been changed to describe the influx of athletic apparel into popular fashion. The GORP Core brand is called Patagonia. Some of the most stylish and functional apparel out there are made by them and they originated outdoor athletic apparel.


One of the most trusted sources for finding new brands is Huckberry. When they set out to create their own line of everyday essentials, you knew they would do a good job. The brand is called Proof. Every piece is stylish but not flashy. They are an ideal starting point for an outfit or wardrobe.

Public Rec

The brand’s vast assortment of pullovers, sweatpants, and T-shirts make for fantastic loungewear sets, while Public Relic is the best suited for those guys who want to sport their technical leisure apparel across a variety of different spaces.

Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ is one of the more consistent sellers of clothing. Some of the best gym and lifestyle gear is made by this Canadian brand. The crew-necked sweaters and pullovers are made with quality fabrics that are easy to wear.


Rhone is a favorite among shoppers who like to exercise. It has an expansive, affordable, and functional collection. Rhone has everything you need from a T-shirt, pullover, pants, shorts to anything in between. The garments of the brand are built for optimal performance.

Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand is a brand that is more concerned with use than style. The company has been making quality products for a couple of years, and it puts a lot of emphasis on function. The pieces look good, but they are built with performance in mind. The lightweight Session is one of the shorts that we like the most.


A group of very serious runners with very respectable style create the best running apparel brand they can. Tracksmith is a Boston-based brand of high-end athletics. They have a vintage sportswear vibe that fits in perfectly with the style of the day. Tracksmith is designed for serious runners.


As you go about your day, you can wear a lightweight clothing line from Vuori. The brand is labeled ascoastal California performance clothing. The California beach life is where all the action happens. The fabrics are great for working out, lounging, and simply dressing casually. If you don’t know what to get, you can start with the Ponto Performance pant, which can adapt to different environments.

William Murray Golf

Bill Murray makes some of the most stylish apparel you can find on the links or at the club bar. For most of the sport’s history, golf apparel was not athletic, but over the past decade, the sport has embraced performance-enhancement gear. William Murray Golf has fun patterns and colors that are similar to some of Bill Murray’s films.

The Y-3 collection has an assortment of avant-garde pieces. It is nice to see a brand doing more than just making basic T-shirts. Yohji Yamamoto, the master tailor, has spent decades elevating the everyday into something extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Athleisure Still in Style?

Athleisure is in better shape than ever. For most of 2020 we had little more than comfortable essentials. Dressing ourselves became pragmatic. We were all asked how we would dress if no one was going to see us. Some of us held on to more of our social wardrobe than others, but we all embraced comfort. The embracement of comfort began a long time ago when the trend of wearing clothes was growing. Athleisure has expanded from a fashion niche to a staple of most peoples everyday wardrobe.

What Does “Athleisure” Mean?

Athleisure is a blend of athletic and leisure gear. Gym gear that you wouldn’t wear to the gym, but instead in a casual-style scenario. Athleisure gear uses the same fabrics, materials, and properties as athletic gear. Athleisure often removes the typical athletic logos and uses slimmer fits and neutral colors.

The best tank tops for men still exist. It also covers stylish, comfortable sweatpants you can wear at home with the best men’s slipper. Start your gear with a pair of the best pouched underwear, and get ready to move around on the go.

The ability to look both athletic and stylish is what makes it popular. Joggers are an ideal pair of pants to wear if you want to show off your lifestyle sneakers away from the gym and out on the weekend.

What Men’s Pants Are Similar to Lululemon?

If you are looking for brands that cater to people who appreciate form as much as function, you are in luck because the world of athleisure is ever-expanding. From our favorite brands on this list, you are going to want to check out Public Rec for well-fitting technical pants that blend comfort and style.

If you want stylish athleisure for men, getting a great deal should be at the forefront of your mind.

Our article on the best online clothing stores for men is a great place to start.

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